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Online agriculture is a destination for agriculture e-learning, it provides the teaching and learning material in audio-visual format. Explore the available free course material by clicking on a course section.

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Helping agriculture and allied sector students for agriculture competitive exams.


Increase access to high-quality education for everyone in India through the enhanced teaching and learning online (online-pedagogy) for agriculture and allied sectors.

Shared Values
  • Amelioration:- We are determined to improve our services, products, and teams.
  • Audaciousness:- We always strive for scaling up by crossing the hurdles with courage and persistence.
  • Trustworthy:- We are trustworthy and sincere with our students and team members.
  • Solidarity:- We believe in going the extra mile for each other as we work to transform lives through learning.
  • Women-empowerment:- We believe in gender-balance and women empowerment, so for, we select a certain proportion of talented female-student for free study material.
  • Proactive towards the environment :- we are committed to reducing carbon emissions by reducing the carbon footprint through innovation as well as work towards sequestration. A certain about of the subscription fees will be used for planting the seedling of native tree species through a partner organization.
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