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The privacy policies of Online Agriculture will help us to maintain a transparent relationship between the organization and the interested candidate(s) who would be visiting our website. It is done to keep and maintain any personal information about a candidate, or whosoever happens to visit our website. It is all kept under strict vigilance so that the person's privacy is not hurt at any point of his or her association with us. The information is stored on our website and there are no chances of it getting leaked or circulated from wherever the website is accessed. A strict code of privacy will be maintained in the future as well even if there are newer modifications of our mobile app or official website. Candidates can trust us with their private details, and there is no need to worry about it at all. Since we maintain very high standards of privacy, we have a team of supervisors who looks into the cyber vigilance.

The moment you access our website and you agree to us accessing your user data for further convenience on our part. There can be or will be a revision of the privacy policy at any point of time without any prior notice to our visitors or candidates for maintaining better terms of privacy of your personal information. Under any such circumstances, you are not needed to worry about any loss of information but are duly advised to visit our official website regularly so that you are kept updated about the changes in the privacy policy.

Consent of the user

If you do not give your consent to share your private information with us, then we request you to refrain from the use of our website because the moment you use the website or try to log in, you agree to share all your information.

NOTE: Parental guidance is required if you are under 14 years of age as they will be held responsible for sharing any personal information. Without parental consent, we have the right to stop the participation of any child in any of the activities.

We vow to keep all your shared details and information under strict eyes.

Some essential details you need to know about us:
  • Anyone who visits our website happens to come under the privacy policy.
  • The privacy policy will secure Personally Identifiable Information when you visit our website.
  • Details like your name, addresses, age, email addresses, etc. and demographic information including marks, preferences, interests, etc. will be asked for.
  • We will also collect information like your IP address to determine the service provider.
  • Only authorized employees can have access to the information for official use.
  • The information is collected only when you register on our website.
  • The information is kept on the records for official use, for improving our services, to send promotional and exam notices, to keep you informed about any emergency or urgency, and to convey other relevant notifications.

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