Terms & Conditions

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Interested candidates are requested to read the terms of service with keen interest and attention before delving into further details

Accepting the terms and conditions

you are hereby responsible for going through all the details that are posted by us. Keeping in accordance with the details will be considered to be your responsibility. You must adhere to it all once you sign up with us, and it will be agreed to till any further changes. Kindly go through the Privacy Policy before enrolling on our website.

Modifications and changes in terms of service

the organization holds every right to make any amends or changes in the Terms and Conditions as well as in the Privacy Policy when the need arises. We will try our best to keep you informed about the changes with prior notice. However, you are requested to check the website religiously so that you can stay well informed.

Rights to information

we are entitled to every right over each piece of information that we share with you that is related to your studies or courses or exams. The software, data, pictures, audios, videos, documents, files, syllabus, logo, texts, and such study materials shared or uploaded by us must not be unfairly shared anywhere. These are strictly for the use of the registered candidates.

Deadlines to submission of projects and tests

a strict rule is maintained about the introduction of projects and other test materials by the candidates. You are to meet deadlines since it will not be possible for us to be after the candidate for seeking the materials.

User’s responsibility

it is the utmost responsibility of the user that he or she will be faithful to the spirit of an honest student and will submit all the online projects and assignments done by himself or herself. We also expect that even during the online tests or exams, no unfair means would be used, keeping in mind morality, values, honesty, and ethics.

Reference links

it is to be clearly understood that we may use third party links as references, but we do not hold any liabilities for you getting into any trouble with the respective websites or they having misused your details.

Suspension rights

if we find any user or candidate misusing our study materials as well as slandering our services, we hold every authority and power to terminate your enrolment at that very moment without any prior notice to the candidate or the parents or guardians.


parental guidance will be needed for a child (under 14 years of age) to enroll for any of the courses. The parent has to be responsible for the minor and will be accepting the terms of services on behalf of the candidate.

Official accounts

maintaining the official account of the user will be the user’s responsibility. Keeping it secure and following up with the online classes will also be solely the user’s responsibility.

Any other responsibilities that have not to be mentioned herewith by us will not be taken the responsibility of/ for. You may contact us for any further queries.

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